Cloudy Days

Since HMG is based in San Francisco, it is necessary to address the importance of proper attire for The Handsome Man when you don’t live in the warmest city. 

So how can a handsome man show off his assets without succumbing to unsightly chill bumps?

With a thick mustache, of course.


Keeping your upper lip toasty just makes sense.  Let those meaty thighs breathe, boys. 

Fashion, meet Function.


3 Responses to “Cloudy Days”

  1. I love Tom Selleck. So much.

  2. My dearest Tom
    What words can describe the great panache
    With which you boast your amazing moustache

    So brown and thick and perfectly groomed
    It has made many a young damsel swoon

    I perhaps do not love you as much as gay men and the occasional 80s tart
    But that is due mostly to your age and tacky Hawaiian shirts which quite rightly make you an old fart

    You were awarded a honorary PhD for your outstanding character and ethic
    I would have given you one solely on your hairy chest which is quite epic

    My slightly obsessive love of houswork has caused my friends to call me Monica
    If you recall, you dated her on Friends but I’m afraid nothing rhymes with her name except for harmonica

    Magnum P.I, the most amazing show show that ever took place
    Your short shorts, Ferrari 308 GTS and overall coolness made me want to invade your personal space

    Tom with your magnificently hairy body*, you are the missing link
    If you ever come by here I’ll give you more than a wink

    Tom Selleck, what can I say, I love you with ever fibre of my being
    If you were just 40 years younger we’d be together, that goes without saying.

    Lots of love, old man xxxx

    *Let it be known that I generally am not fond of chest or excessive body hair of any sort, Tom is just an exception to the rule.

  3. Have you seen him sans mustache? He looks normal. Well, in a handsome way, of course.

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