A glimpse into the mind of HMG

We at HMG devote a good part of our day to thinking about handsome things (obviously). A week ago, we were hanging out at a bar and started listing handsome men that we could potentially feature on this blog. We thought you all would like to see this list as a preview of things to come and also show how HMG is truly devoted to handsome men of all shapes and sizes.

Here it is:

hercule poirot
jean-claude van damme
freddie mercury
the belgian steeplechaser* (this is going to be a good one)
the naughty boys of literature – byron, heathcliff, bram stoker
phil collins
david bowie
neil diamond
jarvis cocker
liam gallagher
damon albarn
peter hook
color me badd
the men of 90210 – especially dylan mckay
mr. darcy
captain wentworth
alan rickman
liam neeson
ralph fiennes
mr. knightley
jeremy northam
rupert evrett
gaston (yes, the beefy one from beauty and the beast – thanks S, for this one!)
george michael
the beast (Disney was on our minds)
handsome immortals (this covers a lot of ground)
george emerson
gatekeeper from lady chatterley
oscar wilde
maxim de winter
laurence olivier
frodo baggins/ elijah wood
ronald weasley
hugh jackman
adrien brody
liev schreiber
the beegees
father ralph
richard chamberlain
father ted
john paul ii
steve perry/ journey
burt reynolds
don johnson
house md/ hugh laurie
stephen fry
joseph fiennes
alexander sarsgaard
gary oldman
colin firth


5 Responses to “A glimpse into the mind of HMG”

  1. I was always more partial to Brandon Walsh than Dylan McKay.

  2. Ralph Macchio should be added to the list for his karate moves, and also Peter Cetera for writing the lovely song to make the moves look romantic.

    Speaking of amazing moves, Jackie Chan. He stays in my apartment to protect me and to be generally handsome.

  3. OMG I just subscribed to Vman magazine. It is So handsome!

  4. Oh, wait what about Tony Danza and Scott Baio?

  5. But surely you meant to include Mr. Pattinson – perhaps he will be featured in your handsome immortals series? If not, you must consider him for a handsome hair recognition!

    I would also nominate Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy. I think the walking stick makes him especially handsome 🙂

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