The men of the Wire

If the Wire taught me one thing – it was that both cops and drug dealers can be very very handsome.

The irreverent, boozing, womanizing and utterly irresistable Jimmy McNulty. What makes him good-looking isn’t simply his sinfully good looks, it’s also that he loves his job and although he crosses the boundaries all the time, his heart is in the right place.

Almost too handsome isn’t he? We at HMG generally don’t cotton to cold-hearted drug lords but look at the face – how can you resist? Another HMG characteristic Stringer Bell possesses is that he is constantly educating himself. To paraphrase Omar Little, if he had a briefcase instead of a gun, would the world see him differently?

Ellis Carver is good police and very very good-looking to boot.

This one might be a controversial choice, but I find him quite the eye candy. Yup, Marlo Stanfield, the coldest of the cold but handsome all the same.


One Response to “The men of the Wire”

  1. I *obviously* need to get on watching The Wire. This much handsome deserves to be seen!

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