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Handsome Halloween

Posted in handsome costumes, handsome habit, handsome inspiration, handsome man fashion with tags , , , , , , on October 29, 2009 by handsomemangroup

While we here at HMG believe that everyday should be a handsome day, we find that Halloween is a good gateway drug for those whose are too shy to let their inner handsomeness shine on a daily basis.  It’s a sad day for us at HMG when a man ignores his handsomeness potential in his daily wear, but Halloween is often a particularly disappointing day for us.  So, to help, here is a list of HMG approved Halloween costume ideas.

P.S. At HMG we encourage you to dress as/use as inspiration any of these men everyday.  Obviously.

The BeeGees

Mr. Darcy – always handsome, but particularly so emerging from a lake (we suggest re-wetting your shirt every 30 minutes for an optimal handsome effect)

Big Hrithik – learning his brand of pelvic thrusting will help give an air of authenticity to the costume

speaking of Big Hrithik…a Greek statue

Freddie Mercury

Heathcliff bonus points for incorporating the moors as part of your costume.

Michael Flatley– flute and chess board optional

Rod Stewart

Fabio – a classic costume choice

Morrissey – skinny, awkward and 100% HMG (oh and lets not forget that he embodies one of the most HMG traits of all – vegetarianism.  make your costume authentic and remember (and remind others) that meat is murder).

Have a happy, safe, and very HMG Halloween!!!


Skin is In

Posted in handsome man fashion with tags , , , , on July 7, 2009 by handsomemangroup

We were at a bar one night with a group of our friends, amidst a gaggle of scantily clad women who didn’t seem to like us very much (um, weird?  We are so cute!).  And suddenly our man-friend walks in, wearing a blue and white striped DEEP V-NECK tee under a SHEER white collared button down shirt.  Suddenly, he is surrounded by hungry women.  They oooh.  They aaah.  They start touching him.  They maniacally unbutton his shirt in an attempt to reveal the little morsel underneath.  Every time they see him after that, they inquire about that shirt.  Secret:  women love the deep v’s.  Now you know.  Some of us have even started wearing them ourselves to emulate the handsomeness (okay, one of us).

With that said, below you will see an example of someone admirably taking the deep v to the next level.  Thank you, Adrien Brody.  Thank you.


adrien brody deep v