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Handsome Halloween

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While we here at HMG believe that everyday should be a handsome day, we find that Halloween is a good gateway drug for those whose are too shy to let their inner handsomeness shine on a daily basis.  It’s a sad day for us at HMG when a man ignores his handsomeness potential in his daily wear, but Halloween is often a particularly disappointing day for us.  So, to help, here is a list of HMG approved Halloween costume ideas.

P.S. At HMG we encourage you to dress as/use as inspiration any of these men everyday.  Obviously.

The BeeGees

Mr. Darcy – always handsome, but particularly so emerging from a lake (we suggest re-wetting your shirt every 30 minutes for an optimal handsome effect)

Big Hrithik – learning his brand of pelvic thrusting will help give an air of authenticity to the costume

speaking of Big Hrithik…a Greek statue

Freddie Mercury

Heathcliff bonus points for incorporating the moors as part of your costume.

Michael Flatley– flute and chess board optional

Rod Stewart

Fabio – a classic costume choice

Morrissey – skinny, awkward and 100% HMG (oh and lets not forget that he embodies one of the most HMG traits of all – vegetarianism.  make your costume authentic and remember (and remind others) that meat is murder).

Have a happy, safe, and very HMG Halloween!!!


Feast Your Eyes on This

Posted in handsome man profile with tags , , on June 26, 2009 by handsomemangroup

While the ladies at HMG are most definitely purveyors of handsome man flesh, we are not in the business of consuming animal flesh.  Therefore, it is important that we highlight how handsome being a vegetarian can be through gawking at PETA’s Asia-Pacific Sexiest Vegetarian Male, Shahid Kapoor.  He is by far the most handsome of this year’s winners.


Handsome Man Profile: Little Hrithik

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I think that it’s fitting to initiate our handsome man blog with a profile of our mascot, the newly beheaded Little Hrithik.  Before he was cruelly immolated and beheaded by jealous blond men, he was the epitome of handsome.  He was always perfectly buffed, waxed, coiffed and dressed.
Ethnically Handsome

Ethnically Handsome

Name: Little Hrithik

Occupation: Plastic Doll, Professionally Handsome

Handsome Hero: Big Hrithik

Hometown: San Francisco via eBay

Favorite Outfit: anything made out of mesh.

Dream date:  dancing.  I’d start out dancing for her, then we’d dance together and then we’d slow dance.   I think Fabio said it best when he described where slow dancing can end up: I want to hear her say “yes.”  I want to kiss her for a very, very long time.

Words to live by: I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.